Chauffeur driven limousines - The Wedding Carriage Master  by Castle Green
Chauffeur driven limousines from Yorkshire - The Wedding Carriage Master  by Castle Green

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About Us

We’ll start our discussion by telling you that we are based in Yorkshire and all about our luxurious, spacious long limousines, that will cherish you and your exquisite dress on your wedding day, no matter how long your train; as there are over 1.6 metres of floor space in front of you.

About You

We’ll ask if you would like us to transport your family and your bridesmaids to the wedding venue first and then return for you?

They will, of course, be pampered in our immaculate and extremely spacious Volvo Nilsson Limousines, which carry up to seven passengers, in the all enveloping comfort of forward facing seats.  Comfort and safety is expertly taken care of by our highly experienced Chauffeurs.

From this point forward, you talk and we listen!  

Tell us everything we can do for you, to make that wedding day dream come true.  

Talk to us about your colour schemes, how you would like your cars decorated, tell us about your preferred choice of champagne, in fact every possible thing that you can think of that would make it a journey to remember.  

Every bride is an individual; every service we provide is individually tailored for the bride.